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Deep Web vs. Dark Web – Clearing the Confusion

Deep web is the web that exists in places that cannot be accessed by the search engines. The deep web contains dynamic content, databases and content that has not been listed by Google and other sites.

Dark web is a web-like network that requires unique software for access and uses proprietary protocols. The most popular networks are Freenet and TOR.
Dark web:
All sites in the dark web hide their identity by using a TOR encryption tool. TOR hides the users activity and location. It can spoof the location and can make it appear the user is in a different country from the actual location.
Websites that run through TOR have a similar effect to that of a VPN service.
To visit a site in the dark web that uses this encryption, the user needs to use TOR. The IP address is bounced through several layers of encryption making it appear to found at a different address on the network.
Sites on the dark web can be visited by anyone. However, it’s difficult to tell who is actually behind them.
Accessing Dark web
1.Install TOR (Download Tor Browser bundle at
2.Run the file
3.Choose extraction location
4.Open the folder and start TOR browser.
What is it used for?
Not all the sites in the dark web use TOR but the principle is the same. The same encryption tool is used. However, the user has to know where to find the site so that they can identify the URL.
•People in closed totalitarian societies can use it to communicate to the outside world
•Data can also be dumped to the dark web as was done when data was stolen from Ashley Madison in 2015
Deep Web (Hidden Web):
Deep web is usually related to something bad or corrupt (ie. Silk Road black market) on the internet but not everything is bad. Whistleblower, journalists use it to circumvent restrictions.
Accessing the deep web uses the same procedure as that of dark web as illustrated above.
Deep web is also used for storing confidential data, because these sites are untraceable. It is also used to host command and control infrastructure for malware.
Dark web is considered to be part of deep web. They are technically different but they have serve similar purposes.

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